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Last Update 26/06/00

Talisman is a mixture of Role Playing Game and Board Game, published in more (not much) different editions
by Games Workshop. All following things are referred to the SECOND edition of Talisman.

This is an Italian Talisman SiteBest viewed at 1024x768.

Thanks to Lindsey Dubb for new useful ideas

New Characters
created by me to expand the game in new and original ways.
New Adventure Cards
created to allow everyone (or nearly) to win.
New Spells
created to add more strategy to the game.
Changes to the Rules
necessaries to balance the game and make it charming until the end.
Specifications to the Rules
necessaries in those cases not contemplated by rules.
Other people ides
incompatible with my way of playing, but you may find them useful.
to other known Talisman sites in the Web.
New Abilities
that you may acquire during the game to power up your Character.

This TALISMAN MQ site is owned by Filippo Zuliani.

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If you have any ideas for new cards or modifies to those already existent, feel free to send me an e-mail