Hmm, what is this?

This here seems to be left on the clipboard:

Oops, your CD-tray seems to be open..

Testing a little VBScript :-) -
11:01 3-3-2004

The showdown

The waiting is OVER! A couple of days ago my fysiotherapist told me I could train again, and tonight is the first training.
We have to get ready, because we have a big game friday.
If you have time, come and support us, we have to play in Vlaardingen!!
A big part of our teams was planning on going on holiday that friday, but because those anoying Holy people woulnd't move the game they have to go one day later....and now we are angry, watch out Holy!
13:30 1-3-2004

Joining the hype

Not so long ago, nobody had websites...
Now EVERYBODY has a blog! So in this rapidly growing hype I don't want to slip behind. Thats why you are reading this now, on my own personal blog.
19:30 29-2-2004