Kalathur is pioneering a evolution in the field of Property Ownership. Noted for its innovative ventures in diverse fields and its reputation of delivering quality products. Kalathur now presents its latest venture.


Kalathur is a part of the group-Kalathur Enterprises. Established by Mr.K.K.M Vaidhyan.A man with dynamism and an extraordinary vision. Kalathur Enterprises has come a long way. Almost a jack of all trades "Mr Vaidhyan!s" success story began in 1963 with the establishment of "Kalathur Layout". A posh residential area in Jalahalli,Bangalore,with around 200 houses .The group provides water, electricity,waste management and road maintenance.Close on the heels of this project was the setting up of a Sericulture farm in 1988. Today the Milk and Silk success is history. Kalathur Blocks and Allied Products was set up in 1992 to manufacture solid hollow concrete blocks. Besides this the group also has collaboration with(Integrated Processing and Automation)called IPA Engineering, to manufacture mass packing machines for export. With it!s strong financial backing the group makes its own construction materials, with firm emphasis on quality. Thus making it cost-effective and a guaranteed product.

Kalathur!s satisfied customer backing and reputation was recognised in the Keralite daily "Malayalam Manorama"and the Bangalore daily the "Deccan Herald".

Based on its 40 year experience. "Kalathur" is developing one of the finest residential enclaves exclusively for Non Resident Indian!s in Bangalore called