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I have completed my highschool education at Anatolian Technical High School at Ankara. During my High school education and even now electronics have been a major hobby for me. I had design a CB radio transmitter for my graduation project at the high school. I had catch a radio meeting with Italy from Istanbul using this radio. That was a great success. Moreover at the university years I dealed with SWL (Short Wave Listening). I designed my own receiver and build a 20 m antenna (double dipole, Cu). In fact, I always preferred the digital electronics. My high school dream was to design a computer but I was to late that those low price PC's had been developed. My biggest (and completed) digital project was a scroll board with 8x32 matrix LED with EPROM reader. The principle was simple. Shift register composed by D type flip-flops (74147) are connected in parallel to form 8 lines with a common clock pulse generator. Feeding the data from one side causes a visual shift of text provided by an EPROM pulsed by the same clock line. In fact, I couldn't programme those 2600 EPROM's.Therefore, I was creating the text layout with manual clock pulses and connecting the last flip-flops to the first ones to create a ring counter. By this way only 32 columns text could be utilised. I don't know where is the board now as the financial supporter was my high school and I have to leave all circuits at my graduation.

Environmental Engineering

In 1988 I have accepted to the Middle East Technical University (the coolest of Turkey), Department of Mechanical Engineering. A year after I joined to the Environment Club and University Adult Scouts in the Campus. I realised the importance of natural environment and biosphere. Then the year followed my Department was closed due to the unfunctionality at the Industry. We all got the chance to pass other engineering departments. My first and the only choice was The Department of Environmental Engineering as my girl friend, Pearl. During my education I had no friends at the department. Surely, I was an Idealist with 148 IQ and they all were foolish people cheating in exams, talking hollow. However I learned much in the Department: Freshmen knowledge, the philosophy of engineering, environmental processes, waste treatment, pollution control etc. I had 2 summer practices at PETKIM (Petrochemical Industry) Wastewater Treatment Plant (1991) and at Bank of Provinces (1992). I also joined 2 educational programs : Ecology Summer School at Izmir (1992) and Dendroloji Courses by Association for Rural Problems (1993). During the university years I was volunteer for the following studies:

  • 1993 Eymir Environmental Researches at lake Eymir (METU BIOT)
  • 1994 TUBITAK project on the Pesticides Mostly Used In Turkey (As coder of a database application)

At the year 1994, I have graduated from Department of Environmental Engineering with a moderate cumulative. At the same year I merried to the Pearl and moved to Izmir. I have employed in Dokuz Eylul University, Department of Environmental Engineering, as Specialist on Environmental Sciences. Currently I m working for them in research projects and education. I have established a small Web server at the Department on a Win95 PC.


I m a moderate guitar player. I also like to play any kind of musical instruments. Once i have played a guitar, a harmonium and a hihat at once like circus shows. In fact i prefer to sing. At the university I singed 6 years as a tenor in the university polyphonic chorus. At the time the chorus was really cool. Recently I've informed a rapid fall in musical quality. I m not sure its due to my graduation :)

Recently I m interested in PC music. I have not a good sequencer yet but I create and edit MIDIs with a wide range of software. Beside those ugly MIDIs, I like to code MODs. You will be able to download some of my MODs here. Start with Senegal.mod real cool. It was one of the Negro spiritual that we sang METU University Chorus. As I like the harmony very much, I coded it for MOD lovers. I distributed this version in local BBS file areas here in Izmir. However a newer version of Senegal is also completed. I tried to use vocals in this version. As the song is a sequential repetition of limited words, I sampled these words in note C, and used these samples as instruments in the code. It's not said to be good but gives an idea about unified vocal sampling.

You may download one of my latest composition , madimak, based on a famous Turkish theme.


No I do not have any pet birds. I prefer to watch them in their natural habitats. Birdwatching is not a common hobby in my country. There are a few fellow birders and I know most of them. In my Bird Page you can get information about them and all birding Links in Turkey. If you know nothing about birding still jump the page probably you will like birding. Some of my birding studies are

  • 1991 Enumeration of Wintering Birds at Kizilirmak Delta (SDKD-SKG ve AKGT)
  • 1992 Breading Birds of Kizilirmak Delta (DHKD)
  • 1993 Avifauna of Lake Mogan (AKGT)


Programming is the most time consuming activity of mine. As a regular amateur programmer a started with BASIC. The older ones can remember Basica or Gwbasic. My first computer programme is possibly the same with the others:

10 PRINT "Coskun Pinar"
20 GOTO 10

During my engineering education I recover FORTRAN77 and COBOL. Recently I comment these efforts as lost times. Someday one of my friends gave me a book "Turbo Pascal Programming Guide" and my life is changed. At the moment, I m a 2 years Pascal programmer. My Pascal voyage started with Turbo Pascal 6.0. Turbo Vision was a great luxury at those times. In a short time i discovered the Object Oriented Programming. It effected my life much. Even in my daily life I addicted the object oriented thinking.

With Borland Pascal for Windows, I could code windows programmes after a year. I had big application projects but in a short time Delphi came. Delphi is been the best windows programming environment. Then Delphi 2.0 followed. That was a 32 bit compiler for Windows platforms. I can now get "Windows 95 Compatible" logo from Uncle Bill, for my applications.

Recently I m working with Java the latest harbour of many programmer sailors.  The starting point of Java programming is surely the Java Script. You can test My Java Script Page. Dont worry, I'm not going to format your Harddisk :)

Virtual Reality

Solid Modelling, Animation and Finally the Virtual Reality are not said to be the future of cyberspace because they are the concepts of today. I'm planning to give you some links of those vrml sites. Now you can visit my Virtual Home if you installed required plugins for your navigator.

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