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What is Creations Joy? And what is Green Orthopraxy? Creations Joy! is a publication, now preparing for its fourth issue, with news, essays, and information about the Orthodox Church and the Environment.

Green Orthopraxy is a network of Orthodox Christians concerned with Creation.


A criticism often levied against those who speak up about the protection of the Earth is that "those environmentalists are all doom and gloom." And without intentionally meaning to be, topics such as polluted riverbeds, ozone depletion, global warming, species reduction, unsustainable economies/technologies, overpopulation, environmental health threats, and environmental racism are of such a serious nature that even addressing one of them on a small scale may be an invitation to despair. But the Orthodox Christian conviction of a Risen Christ who calls all of Creation into the New Life of the Kingdom so that the Universe can be transfigured can clearly view the tragic consequences of sin without giving into the temptation of despair which is a further excuse for lethargy and self indulgence. And so while this newsletter pertains very directly to the natural environment it is also dedicated, not to Creation's hopelessness, but to Creation's joy! And what is the joy of Creation? Four things come to my mind that Creation delights in:

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May this newsletter contribute to your personal joy as well as encourage you further in your commitment to be a responsible steward upon God's majestic Earth.