If you ever do a search of your name,
You will find this web site.....

I had to let you go and I hope you understand
I gave you so many chances to be with me and time after time you keep disappointing me
I only wanted you to show me some sincerity and security
Everytime I wanted to get to know you more
You push me away and did things to get me upset
Maybe it was just me who wanted more than what you were able to give
I wish with all my might that you will one day be able to say to me that you want to really have a serious relationship with me.... and prove to me that your words are trustworthy enough
Your actions and words are contradictory
I will always care about you
You and I share a special chemistry that I will always cherish
I wish you health and happiness
I wish we could be together but our roads are diverging and I do not know when our roads will ever be going the same path
Maybe oneday.... we can meet again
Something tells me that you will be back..... you never say good-bye......
I want to be able to know that you will always be there for me and not have breakdowns
I want to find true love and I want to be in love
I need to know that you are able to take care of yourself
Maybe you will be able to find what you are looking for as time passes
Right now, I know you are trying to find yourself
Remember that I will always be in the crowd cheering you on no matter where you are......
A tear rolls down me face......  I have to let you go and I hope you understand..........