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Bienvenuto to Neal Pizzano's Home

For Paisans and Friends

Welcome to my Home Page. I hope this serves as a means to letting you know more about me and a site that you can use. I decided to include some of my favorite areas of my life that I can share with you.

Here you will find links to some of my favorite things in life. They include: genealogy, with links to some other genealogy sites, but especially Italian Genealogy, sites; Weather, Wine, Soccer, Poetry, Acting, and my latest endeavor, WWII Reenacting.

I am an alumnus of Robert E. Peary High School in Rockville, MD. Our school closed in 1986, but we created a Web site referred to as the MSO. It is an acronym for the online version of our school paper...Midnight Sun...the "o" representing "online."

I am a part time actor and have the good fortune to have been in 3 seasons of HBO's THE WIRE. I can also be seen in the following movies: LADDER 49, INVINCIBLE, and STEP UP. I have a link that will take you to more information about my acting opportunites.

My brother went into the business of selling and building pre-fab homes. If you looking to build a home in Maryland, check out New Homes for those who want to have a SYSTEM BUILT Home on your property. A system built home is pre-constructed and then placed on a truck and shipped to your property. Icon Construction Services is a "Registered Builder" for North American Housing Corp.(NAHC). You can call 410-796-7025 for more information.

Well, I hope you find a couple of interesting things to check out. If you do, please let me know what you think. Send me an e-mail at , say hi, or just let me know you've stopped by to check things out.

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Favorite Links:


The following are just a few of the weather sites I use to help me with my forecasts. You might find some of them quite interesting.

My local weather information can be found on the following locations:


Italian - Californian - or a French Tour

  • The Italian Wine page is for Italian Wine On the Web.

  • At the California Wine page, you can order great wines from all regions of the state.

  • The French Wine page is quite extensive. It is called "VINTERNET." the official site of the prestigious producers of French wines and Champagnes.

  • If you are in the Washington DC area, Check out Local DC AREA Wineries. You can find several areas in VIRGINIA and MARYLAND as well as nearby PENNSYLVANIA

Soccer: THE world's sport.