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... to some of the joyful areas of human activity, things I've been dedicating time and effort to over the last years, pleasureful and enriching or simply interesting activities, that I'd like to show and share ...

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OM (Aum) Gaayatri Mantra (418 kB)

Power Yoga Brazil (Portuguese)
Yoga & Meditation (Portuguese)
BKS Iyengar Yoga site
The Anatomy and Physiology of the Subtle Body
American Sanskrit Institute
Sanskrit Documents
Stackpole Sanskrit Corner

Sahanaa Vavatu Mantra (595 kB)

Dreamtime W3 server
Dave Crowder's DidjeLinksPage
Australian Aboriginal Art
Didgeridoings by Peter Spoecker
Peter Lister's HomePage
Ed Drury's HomePage
Didje Physics

My instruments Didgeridoo

Sailing oceans

See me sailing!
Sailing links
Out of Bounds
Whitbread Race 1997-98
Angelo Mascaro's HomePage
US Weather Info
Cruising World
Around the World Record
Royal Yachting Association

SchMOOze University
CMP (Collaborative MOO Project)
Introduction into MOOing
MOO related CMP Publications

MOOing is fun

Language is a virus!

Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar Head Quarters 1
Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar Head Quarters 2
Andreas Kathol's Homepage
Susanne Riehemann's Homepage
Babel Interaktiv - HPSG processing online (German)
Babel goes Java (German)
Publications by Babel's author, Stefan Müller (German)
Stefan Müller's Homepage (German)

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Markus J. Weininger


Where I live
Where I work now (UFSC - German/Portuguese)
Where I worked before (UFPR - German/Portuguese)
A research group I helped to create in 96 (Portuguese)
A translation journal where I am a board member (6 languages)

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