Hello and Welcome you Suckers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's me, God !!!!!!


But you  better believe in:  
  Why ??? Because If they pump twice, they'll kill Y'all !!!!!!!

OK, Believers !!!!!  YOU WANT SOME LYRICS ????????????

     THeN TaKe tHiS:

"Feel thug shit pumpin' out of Cleveland, all up in your system, hittin',makin' everybody move. No matter where you're from, come on and get with this. Here to make your PaRtY,body,so groove over to the glock,the spot, we got it poppin' all day to get through the night, swisha, fill'em on up, with the icky, sticky, sippin' Liquor got you nice. Whip out the lighter, flame on up. It be to completely,.....

             IT'S NOTHIN' BUT DA BONE IN ME ..............................

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