Hello !

I am an orthopaedic trainee in Medical School Padjadjaran University and working at Hasan Sadikin Hospital

And I live in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, with my wife and son.

My interest is answer all people question related with general Orthopaedic for FREE !!! (Why everybody charges everything nowadays???) and offer you friendship - something out of date in global modern world (???)

This is my first homepage and STILL UNDER HEAVY CONSTRUCTION !!!!!


My Scratch

19 Nov - Today I'm very busy to prepare my national board examination on January. And before that happen I also must prepare my thesis. Already 6 nights in a row I just sit in front of this computer from 4 PM till 6 AM in the morning. Uh ! I'm so tired!

14 Dec - I just arrive from Surabaya for 1 week. And before that 1 week in Jakarta, and before that I had Local Examination. Tomorrow I will go to Solo also for 1 week. The rotation/orientation was needed to compare Orthopaedic Policy in my center with another center in Indonesia.

25 Dec - Merry Christmas!

1 Jan 1997 - Happy New Year!

8 Jan - Damn! I failed!

9 Feb - Happy Iedul Fitri 1917 H

Mohon Maaf Lahir Bathin

10 March - I published a new website Indonesian Girl Websites: Links to Indonesian girl personal homepages, with picture and data of the owner.

12 March - Ada yang ngajak reuni SMP II Bandung untuk lulusan 1972-1974. Yang berkepentingan kontak saya !



My orthopaedic links :

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AO/ASIF Web Server

Electronic Journal of Orthopaedics

Internet Journal of Orthopaedics Surgery and related subjects (University of Duesseldorf)

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Resident's Page : Orthopaedics Resident's point of view.

Spina Bifida : Spina Bifida Equipment available around the world.

Spine Online

Topics in orthopaedics

What is Orthopedics? Part of a thesis by Dr. Jennifer Ardill.

My (Indonesian Girl) links :

(Sorry, no nudity)

Indonesian Celebrities

BIG (Beautiful Indonesian Girls)

Bintang Online (mags) : Indonesian celebs pics.

NONA MANIS : Few pictures of Indonesian Girls.

G.I.F.T : Georgeous Indonesian Female by Tongclay.

Indonesian Actresses : Small pictures collections of Indonesian Actress.

Indonesian Girl Websites

Other links :


Manusia Indonesia

Jakarta Connections

Indonesian on the Internet

Indonesian homepages by location


If you have any question, comments & suggestion please feel free to E-Mail me.



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