Mainly the album will contain 2 parts : Travels and Events.

Travels. After 2 years in the US we finally made our own discovery of America. Step by step I will show you our car trip from Sarasota, Florida to Grand Canyon, Arizona and back.

When we found out that we have to leave Florida, we tried to get as much advantage as possible from our current location. We visited Fort Myers to look at Edison/Ford museum, San Augustine - the oldest European city of the North America. We watched space-shuttle lift off on Cape Canaveral. My first scuba dive was on Key West. It was a pleasure to see our friends in Atlanta,GA. Savanna,GA was the first planned American city. We visited Silicon Valley in California to understand if it is possible to live there.

And there are two cities in our life now : Sarasota and Moscow

Man & WifeEvents. Special events in our life and just ordinary ones. Updated October 2, 1998

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