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I have included some herbology/alternative medicine links.

My family has embraced the net also, if you have a few minutes, use the GeoGuide at the
top of the page to visit my sister, my brother, my mom and my two daughters. My eldest daughter, Miranda, has her page well in hand. My mom, Kathy, is just getting started. I am running Veronica's page for her - she is only 3 and a half. Mithdraug (a "web" name of course) is my sister and she is just
getting her feet wet. Please drop in and sign their guest books.

In breaking news, I have a new sister-in-law. My brother finally found the right girl - and he had to go all the way to China to do it! She is staying with us till she can get a VISA to join Joe in Germany (lucky, globetrotting dog!) My girls adore her and she is a wonderful person! We are enjoying our good fortune at getting to spend time with Chun Yi, even as we field pathetic calls from Joe - 3 times a day from Germany! Go to my Mom's page to see pictures from the wedding.

See below and the Changchun diaries for my brother's page.

I did have a scrapbook, but I realize now that I haven't updated it since Veronica was a year old - she is 3 now! So, I have removed it (as of May 4, 1999.)

While you are cruising through my pages, clicking on these flowers will always bring you back here.

My brother, Joe, wrote some very funny letters back from his first trip to China. He lived there on and off for several years - which is how he met Chun Yi. These letters are his first impressions of China and do make for some interesting reading. Check them out:
For updates on Joe, and his travels, visit Where in the world is Joe?

Journal Number One
Journal Number Two
Journal Number Three
Journal Number Four
Journal Number Five

If your last name is "Drouin" or you are related to that name in any way,
please visit my geneology page. I am working to gather as many Drouins as
possible in a geneological database. This page includes links to general
geneology sites and Drouin-specific sites. Just follow the tree - get it? . . .
A Family tree! (Groan)

I am going to devote an entire page to herbology and alternative medicine in the near future.
In the mean time these are a few interesting links:
The Eclectic Institute
Herbology Page
Alternative Medicine Collection
The Yoga Channel
A Modern Herbal Homepage
Herbal Index

To visit the Home Page of Brenda Liles,
just follow the ladybug!

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