Hi!  I'm Danny.  You just stumbled into my home on the web. 

In June of 2005 I was re-trached and got my ventilator back and have home nurses again.
Mom went to work after that and now Sissy is back home and we have her two babies every other week which gives me someone to compete with for attention!
I  turned 22 on September 26th, 2007.

Mom doesn't come to my page to update anymore, but you can find current pictures of what is going on
HERE - ON WEBSHOTS in our family photo albums.
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Some of the medical info we need at the hospital can be found in Danny's briefcase by clicking the pic to the left.
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Current Family Photos are on
YahooPhotos are now gone and have been taken over by Flickr meaning they've
moved our pictures over THERE.
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old photos are at
Epson PhotoCenter

My Mom's Page
This is where you can go see my cute little preemie pictures!
Due to all the yucky messages on Danny's board I deleted it. But if someone REALLY wants to get a message to us I'd be you could find a message board at on of the other links on this page...OR...leave a message on mom's blog at 360.yahoo.com/linleeus