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Welcome to my little space on the net.  I am known as Sheba, and have been around for quite a bit of time.  This site has been re-vamped and updated to reflect the recent times of my life.
I live in a little bitty town in Texas called Houston................. ever hear of it? *grin*  I am definately addicted to mp3's...........how do those wonderful little sound bytes work?   So far, I have collected over 8g's of mp3's, and am always on the lookout for more......more......MORE!!

I have 2 wonderful kids (if you can call them kids now, since they are all grown up.)  I am equally proud of both of them and their successes in life.

My daughter, Gwendolene, who lives in the Austin area, over the past couple of years has turned out to be one of my best friends, too.  She has recently graduated from Nursing School in Austin, Texas, and will begin her career in June of 2006 at one of the major medical centers there. 

My son, Carson, lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.   He has a very lovely wife, 'Beca, who has made him very happy during the past couple of  years.  Carson works for one of the radio stations up there, and I really can't tell you exactly what it is he does!  He has his own program, but is also in the production end of things.  Maybe someday Mom will understand it all, ya think?

Music has always played an important part of my life.  My thinking is, if you want to stay young, and enjoy life, you definately need music in your life.  Whether it is classical, classic rock, alternative, country, or (heaven forbid!) rap, music has that special something that always seems to fit your mood.  So, bring out those old 45's, LP's, 8-Tracks, Cassettes and CD's, and have a little something to listen to regardless what mood you are in.

Have a great day, and please, find something to laugh about today! 
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