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===> Inseparability Principle Reconfirms <===
Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity

Inseparable relationship between
relativistic interval measurement and
virtual covarying scale has been found.

This interpretation resolves logical conundrum.

*Invariance vs Covariance*

*Intrinsic Natural Entities vis-a-vis Apparent Observational Measurements*

There are two basic concepts through which we may better understand the relativistic interval measurements:

(1) The principle of inseparability between relativistic interval measurement and covarying scale has been discovered. The Lorentz Factor works as conversion ratio between the scale of virtual covarying observational apparent measurement and the scale of real invariant natural intrinsic entity. This simple logic harmonizes improper and proper interval measurements. It preserves the spacetime invariance. It also conserves causality between intrinsic natural entities and apparent observational measurements.

(2) The Reciprocity has been found necessary between Lorentz Transformation and its Inverse Transformation for the same event viewing from two relative frames . Double applications of Lorentz transformation from both relative frames for the same event and double reverse inferences caused paradoxes. The concept of reciprocity resolves them, and also preserves the principle of NO preferred frame.

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The Fifth International Conference (2003) on Symmetry in Nonlinear Mathematical Physics
Symmetry in Relativistic Measurements

Although the unfortunate mismatch (as mentioned in Q&A above)between the reference frame and the necessary condition which leads to misinterpretation of the relativistic length contraction, the theory itself is OK.
However, the section on relativistic length measurement in text books should be corrected to match the necessary condition with the reference frame properly.


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